Dog Training

APDT and IACP Standards of certified dog training with a variety of courses.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is about professional practical guidance, specialized and courteous service, value for money and most importantly having fun whilst learning the skills required for training your dog. We respect and appreciate the human and animal bond and believe all dogs regardless of their size, breed or age benefit from training.

Our training sessions and courses are built and based on innovative proven methods that are applicable during all stages of a dog’s development, from pup to senior. By the use of operant conditioning our training methods utilize positive reinforcement, marking and rewarding a pet for performing desired behaviors, without the use of negative and outdated training techniques.

We strive to provide pets and their owners with positive learning experiences, establishing clear behavioral expectations which eliminate confusion, resulting in ideal communication and trust at both ends of the lead. Training your dog is simply the most efficient way of ensuring  safety, happiness and lasting confident companionship between pet and owner.

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