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What to Expect during our Sessions

Our trainer will organise a meet and greet consultation with pets and their owners. During the consult our trainer will evaluate a pet’s temperament and character while discussing an owner’s desired outcomes while taking into account the needs of each owner’s household. Our experienced trainer will advise and discuss which course or session they believe will be most beneficial for a pet, and may even design a specialised and effective training program.

At Saar Kennels our professional trainers are both accredited and have more than 10 years police or military dog training under their belt. Their extensive work with various breeds in some of the most harsh and stressful conditions in the world makes them uniquely qualified to handle even the most alarming canine behavioural issues.

During sessions with the trainer(s) owners will get to address any concerns or problems they may be facing, where our trainer will offer insight into our training philosophy and methodology, while providing in depth explanations of canine logic and behaviour. Our goal is to effect change in canines using positive reinforcement methods, while providing owners with the knowledge and techniques that result in a well behaved pet.

Training Options

pawprint Private session between Owner, pet(s) and our trainer of 1 to 2 hours.

pawprint Sessions in a secure environment: our air conditioned training facility or outdoors in our shaded garden area.

pawprint Training of dog including demonstration and explanation of behavioural training methods.

pawprint Simple and effective teachings for both pet and owner of innovative, humane and proven training techniques.

pawprint Insight into canine behaviour from your dog’s perspective, including understanding your dog’s unique personality and temperament.

pawprint Owners will have time to ask and discuss any questions and concerns regarding continuing training in the home environment.

pawprint In-House training course while boarding your dog with us.

pawprint Courses are typically 5, 10 or 15 days, or are tailored to each dog’s needs.

pawprint Only requires presence of Owner(s) on the last day of the dog’s training course.

pawprint Dogs benefit from numerous training sessions throughout their stay.

pawprint Dogs are handled by professional staff in a secure and safe environment that enforces their training.

pawprint End of course graduation ceremony for each level of completion.

pawprint End of course handover session with owner; includes demonstration, teaching owner techniques to continue training in the home environment, and Questions & Answer session.



To learn more about our Training Sessions and Courses, Contact Us for details.