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Pet Relocation can be overwhelming when attempting to do it on your own, with the long list of specifications at destination and from the airline carrier. That is why in many cases it is best left to the experts.

Our team of pet relocation specialists have the benefit of many years of hands on experience, allowing us to organise your pet’s entire journey on your behalf. We understand how stressful moving your family and household can be, because we have experienced it ourselves, so our main goal is to alleviate the anxieties of your pet’s travel from both you and your pet(s). That is why our pet relocation specialists meticulously arrange every aspect of your pet’s journey starting with offering you pre-travel tips to ease your pet’s stress all the way through to delivering your pet to their new home at destination.

A pet’s safety and comfort is of great concern to us, that is why our pet relocation specialists take the time to find the best priced pet friendly airline, stopovers and route for your pet’s journey. Not only do we provide you with pictures of your pet during their relocation, but we also track them during their travel and keep you informed throughout.

Our relocation specialists are here for you and your pet(s) 24 hours a day until they arrive safely home.




Our services  include a full Door to Door or Door to Airport relocation inclusive of:

pawprint Pre-Travel tips, including advice on the latest travel requirements, and ability to answer any questions and concerns.

pawprint Checking vaccination history and organising for vet treatment when necessary.

pawprint Obtaining Veterinary and local Government endorsement of travel documentation including pet transport.

pawprint Pick-up, Transport and Delivery – in our Air conditioned Pet Safe Van

pawprint Travel crate procurement including travel accessories and crate preparation to IATA specifications.

pawprint Booking of best priced International flights on pet friendly airlines, routes, and stop overs.

pawprint Delivery of pet(s) to airport including supervision of pet(s) until flight Check-In.

pawprint Booking of Domestic flights at Destination (If required)

pawprint Organising for Comfort Stopovers at pet friendly airports (If required)

pawprint Pre-travel boarding at Saar Kennels  for short or long period stays until flight.

pawprint Required paperwork at Destination with Government endorsement.

pawprint Obtaining all necessary Permits at destination, and any documentation necessary for transit and stopovers.

pawprint Organising specific transit stopovers (if applicable)

pawprint Booking of Quarantine accommodation and transport (If applicable)

pawprint Clearing and Handling at Airport(s).

pawprint Pick-up from Airport and Delivery to Residential address in pet safe transport at Destination.

pawprint Boarding for short periods at Destination.

pawprint Regular updates including pictures of a pet during their journey.



Our services  include:

pawprint Latest information about entry requirements to Bahrain.

pawprint Obtaining all required import permits and paperwork.

pawprint Coordinating with exporter and making sure all paperwork and permits are correct prior to arrival.

pawprint Organising for live animal clearing and handling, including health inspection fees.

pawprint Pick-up, Transport and Delivery to residence in Bahrain – in our Air conditioned Pet Safe Van.

pawprint Boarding at Saar Kennels  for short or long stays. (If required)

pawprint Booking of Quarantine accommodation (If applicable)

pawprint Confirmation of pet’s safe arrival, including pictures of them after their journey.

pawprint Optional comfort groom at Saar Kennels before delivery to residence, includes bath & blowdry package.

pawprint Welcome package and information.

Preparing for a pet’s travel in advance is very important. In order for our relocation team to organise a pet’s travel we require no less than 7 days notice prior to your pet’s departure date. However, some destinations require preparations of 3 months or more prior to travel

For more information please see our Policies and FAQs or Contact Us and our Pet Relocation Specialist will help you.

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