Could the pet food be the cause of your pet’s problems?

Have you ever considered what is in the dry food you feed your pets? If you ever look into it, you will most likely be shocked!

Our staff and directors are fellow pet owners who have spent years researching pet food brands and are on a mission to debunk the myths of the pet food industry. After much research into hundreds of pet food brands and their nutritional content analysis by independent pet food reviewers, and pet food consumer evaluations, we have found some disturbing realities.


Many pet foods use animal by products (the unwanted parts of animal carcasses) that are not fit for human consumption, a large amount of wheat (which is not healthy for your pet), and other ‘fillers’ to make their brand of pet food. Picture1ayhsahsahsahThe general assumption is that when you pay more for pet food than you would for supermarket brands then the pet food would be ‘safe’ and ‘healthy’ for your pet, unfortunately we found out that is completely misguided.

The truth is that many brands of expensive pet food, you pay for the brand name and not because it is a good or nutritional pet food.  What is even more alarming is that the nutritional content of supposedly reputable brands are ranked as 2 stars out of a possible 6 (very poor nutritional content) and with certain supermarket brands they rank a maximum of 1 out of 6 stars due to the complete lack of nutritional ingredients.

If you think about it, your pets eat the same meal more or less every day for most of their life, which means whatever food your pet is being given is their main source of nutrients that should be improving their health. Unfortunately this is not the case, we have seen many cases of pets with skin coat and digestive issues, and low energy levels in young pets. Could all this be caused by poor diet?


Thankfully our company has found a solution, after much research into pet nutrition and pet food analysis we have found an excellent food that is rated 5 stars out of a possible 6 for it’s nutritional content that also includes Omega Fatty Acids for skin & coat health, an optimal range of Antioxidants for healthy immune system, and Probiotic cultures for healthy digestion. We have tested and tried this brand on our own pets and believe it is an excellent alternative to the other pet food brands available in Bahrain, so much so that we are the middle east distributors of Canidae USA pet food. Canidae is a family owned company that are passionate about pet health and nutrition, they happily state every ingredient in their pet food on each bag and in an effort to make this food available to all pet owners maintain their products at affordable prices.


In an effort to improve the health and well being of our furry customer we at Saar Kennels immediately swapped out our source of food which we locally purchased and now only feed our boarding guests this brand. Since 2014 we have seen a dramatic change in our long term boarding guests, noticeable improvements in their skin, coats, digestive system, and overall well being. Our customers have also noticed a difference in their pets and have been happily continuing their pets on Canidae pet food, and because of that word has spread, more and more pet owners are trying and liking this brand of pet food and seeing noticeable improvements to their pet’s health and well being.

We are glad we can provide not only our furry guests but fellow pet owners with a nutritious and affordable alternative to what is currently available in Bahrain and look forward to continuing to provide you with a reliable place that puts your pet’s health first.

Unleashed Pet Store our online pet shop is available on our website and stocks a range of Canidae USA formulas and a variety of reputable and unique pet products from around  the world, all available for home delivery right to your doorstep.

Canidae USA Pet Foods: Visit their Website