Here’s what you need to know.

We strongly advise you plan your pet’s travel in advance when possible and take time to prepare for travel. Both the airlines and your destination have a list of requirements that have to be met before your pet can be eligible to travel. We provide pet relocation services so destination import requirements will be handled by our relocation specialists. Below is a step-by-step process of how to prepare for travel.

Step 1

Take some time to look over the table below and check your pet’s vaccination booklet/documents or Pet passport to make sure they have an ISO Microchip and had their vaccinations. If you are not sure contact our relocation specialists for advice before you go ahead and get these done, as it may cause delays to your pet’s travel.

Step 2

Familiarize yourself with the basic import requirements at your destination. Government websites usually are the most reliable sources and have the most up to date information. Try not to get overwhelmed by the requirements and process – our team have successfully been relocating pets all over the world for many years and are experts at the process. We will be handling everything for you, and answering any questions or concerns you may have. It is important you have a basic idea of the process, and if you have any questions our team will answer them.

Step 3

Contact our pet relocation specialists or fill out our online form on our website (click here) to get a quotation for your pet’s travel. Our services include full Door to Door (delivery to your residence at destination) or Door to Airport options for you to select from.

Make sure to communicate to our specialist if your pet has any special needs, temperament issues or medical concerns.


Step 4

Be aware of what time of year your looking to relocate your pet as some airlines have restrictions on when certain breeds can travel. For example in Bahrain snub nosed (short nosed) breeds like Shihtzu dogs and Persian cats are not allowed to travel during July to August period as there is a Heat Embargo. Certain airlines also have a winter embargo preventing pets from travelling during extremely cold months of the year. So although you many have a date or time of year in mind we recommend checking with our relocation specialists before finalizing your plans. Heat and Winter embargo’s set by airlines is for the safety of your pets, and airlines make no exceptions.


Step 5

Check your pet’s crate and make sure of the following: 1) It is an IATA approved travel crate suitable for travel. 2) The crate’s locking mechanisms and screws are all intact and are functional. 3) It is still the right size for your pet (pet can comfortably sit and stand without head/ears touching top of crate and can turn around).

If you do not have a travel crate, not a problem we will include that as part of our service and purchase a suitable crate on your behalf. If however you would like to purchase one we recommend you contact our relocation specialist who will advise you of which size and type to purchase based on your pet’s height, width, length and weight.  In order to choose the right size crate for your pet, you will need to measure your pet correctly and allow for 3-5 inches additional space.

Step 6

Begin crate training your pet. Crate training will greatly decrease your pet’s stress level and discomfort prior to travel. If you are unfamiliar with how to correctly crate train your pet, we recommend tacking a few moments to read our article: How to crate train your pet.

Step 7

Make the necessary arrangements and booking for your pets to be out of your home (boarding at the kennel) before the movers come in. Disruption to a pet’s home environment is highly stressful for them, and the added stress prior to travel is not recommended.

Step 8

Communicate your concerns and thoughts about your pet’s journey with our relocation specialists. We are here to help you and your pet(s) through the process, our main concern is your pet’s safety and our specialist will honestly advise you based on their experience what is best for your pet’s journey. Our specialists will book your pet (when possible) on the most pet friendly airlines and on the most pet friendly routes and transit airports.

Once you have followed the above steps, our pet relocation specialists will handle the remainder of the relocation process on your behalf, and keep you updated along the way until your pet arrives safely at their destination.