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We pride ourselves on being able to provide pet owners with a trustworthy and dependable place to leave their pets. That is why we are Certified members of the U.K. Kennel & Cattery Association, standards which we adhere to. In order for us to take care of your pets on your behalf, we ask you take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with our Policies. If you have any questions please see our FAQs sections below, or alternatively please give us a call, our staff will be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Welcome to our website, we offer a wide range of pet services all in one place for your convenience. In order for us to give our customers and their pets the best and most professional service possible we require the following;


All website visitors must register whether to browse and read our articles or make bookings. Customers who would like to use our Boarding, Day-Care, Grooming, Training, Online store, or Pet Relocation services must register with their full details.


All client information is classified as confidential and is accessed by trained members of the administration staff. When necessary certain information may be shared with third parties such as Veterinarians, shipping agents etc.


All articles and text within the website is under the copyright of Saar Kennels w.l.l. and may not be reproduced without prior authorisation.

At Saar Kennels we regard pet safety, health and welfare as our top priority. To ensure we maintain the highest standard of health and disease prevention we ask for your kind cooperation to ensure the following for each of your pets:

Health & Welfare

 1) Vaccinations:
  • All pet vaccinations are administered no less than 14 days prior to your pet’s Check-In.
  • All pets must be fully vaccinated , which includes yearly booster vaccinations for the following:
Cats Rabies Canine Distemper Canine Parvovirus Canine Parainfluenza Leptospirosis Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
Dogs Rabies Feline Distemper Feline Enteritis Feline Panleucopenia Rhinotracheitis Calicivirus

Please Note: Pets that are not vaccinated against the above or have lapsed vaccinations will not be permitted to Board or attend DayCare at our facility.

2) Tick & Flea Treatment:
  • We request that owners apply a form of effective Tick & Flea treatment (External parasite treatment) to each of their pets, and that this treatment will remain valid for the duration of a pet’s Boarding stay with us.  For pets who use Frontline Tick & Flea treatment and other brands which provide effective treatment on a month to month basis, we request that owners apply these type of treatments no more than 24 hours before a pet’s Check-In at Saar Kennels, and that this treatment will be valid for the duration of your pet’s Boarding stay with us.

Please Note: During long stays owners can supply Tick & Flea treatment and a schedule specifying treatment dates which our staff will administer to your pet. Pets must also be free of Ticks & Fleas during Check-In inspection, and must have some form of valid Tick & Flea treatment, or may be charged extra to be groomed, de-ticked and treated with Tick & Flea treatment by Saar Kennels staff.

3) De-Worming:
  • We request that all pets have received their de-worming medicine (Internal parasite treatment), provided by your veterinarian, no less than 7 days and a maximum of 6 months prior to their Check-In with us at Saar Kennels.

Please Note: Kindly ensure your pets have not had any de-worming treatment 7 days prior to their arrival to Saar Kennels, or their Boarding/DayCare booking may need to be rescheduled.

4) Female Dogs:
  • For female dogs that have not been spayed, we do not accept any dogs that are in heat (during their menstrual cycle which occurs  twice a year for 21-28 days approximately) to board at our kennels. If pet is found to be in heat during their boarding the owner will be contacted to come and remove their pet from our facility immediately for your pet’s safety.
5) Male & Female Pets:
  • For owners with both male and female pets, we will only allow pets of the opposite gender to share the same room when using our boarding or daycare facility, if at least one of them has been spayed or neutered. Otherwise male and female pets will have to be separated throughout their stay.
6) Emergency:
  • Although emergencies are unlikely, in the event that your pet requires medical attention during their stay at our facility, we reserve the right to seek medical treatment at one of our preferred veterinary clinics. In the event of an emergency our staff will attempt to contact you (or the Emergency Contact person you have provided) prior to seeking medical attention, however if we are not able to get in immediate contact despite our best attempts, we will go ahead and seek medical attention for your pet(s), on your behalf.

Please Note: Any veterinary visits for emergency or follow-up purposes will be handled on your behalf and added to your pet’s Invoice, and are to be paid in full during your pet’s Check-Out.

 Check-In & Check-Out

1) Bookings:
  • We request that pet owner’s themselves Check–In their pet(s), make sure all their information is current, and sign our Boarding/DayCare agreement.
  • We request that all Invoices for your pet’s stay are settled during Check-In. If there are any outstanding amounts to be paid, we require they are settled during your pet’s Check-Out.
  • Extending your Boarding Booking: If you need to extend your pet’s Check-Out date, kindly contact us by phone or email to reschedule, depending on our availability we will do our best to accommodate your pet(s).

Please Note: If your pet’s Check-Out date passes and we have not heard from you, and our attempts to contact you (or your emergency contact),  have not been successful for a duration of 7 days after the specified Check-Out date on your pet’s agreement, Saar Kennels will be forced to assume legal ownership of your pet(s) and will assume responsibility of re-homing them.

2) Deposits:
  • For Boarding bookings during peak seasons of June to September and December to January we require a Deposit to be paid (50% of the total boarding fee) in order for Saar Kennels to confirm your pet’s booking and reserve the space.
3) Cancellations:
  • For Boarding bookings during the above mentioned peak periods, paid Deposits may be refunded if booking cancellation occurs no less than 14 days prior to booking Check-In date, or deposit will be forfeited.
4) DayCare:
  • We request that all DayCare pets Check-Out and are collected from our premises no later than 17:00 (5 PM). Any DayCare pets not collected by a maximum of 18:00 (6 PM) will board with us overnight, and incur overnight Boarding fees due to be paid at the time of their Check-Out.
5) Belongings:
  • When Checking In pets for Boarding we welcome pet owners to bring a maximum of 2 items per pet, which we agree to care for, however we do not assume responsibility or liability for a pet’s belongings.

Please Note: When bringing in pet belongings we do require that your pet’s name is clearly written in permanent marker pen on each of the belongings, and that you disclose these items during your pet’s Check-In.  Belongings that are not collected within 7 days of your pet’s Check-Out date may be discarded.

6) Restrictions:
  • Any pets characterised as “aggressive” either by owner or by a member of our staff will not be permitted to use our services for safety reasons.

Please Note: Any owners with pets that have behavioral or temperamental issues must disclose this information during booking. If a pet is identified as “aggressive” by our staff the owner will be contacted to immediately remove their pet from our facility for safety reasons.

7) Feeding:
  • During Boarding your pet will be fed our specially imported premium Canidae USA pet food as this is a complete natural and nutritious food that is for their benefit.

Special Dietary Needs: If your pet has special dietary needs and requires a certain type of food, kindly ensure you supply enough quantity of your pet’s food to last the duration of their stay with us.

Please Note: If your pet’s food runs out, additional costs may be incurred if you will need us to purchase a bag on your behalf, or we will go ahead and switch your pet to our Canidae USA pet food, if their dietary restrictions allow.

8) Medication
  • If your pet requires oral medication prescribed by their veterinarian, our experienced staff will be able to administer the appropriate dosage at the specified timings. For medication that requires other administration other than oral, kindly contact a member of our staff to discuss how we can accommodate your pet.

Please Note:  In order to correctly administer your pet’s medication we will need to know the following: What each medication is for, each medication’s full name, specific dosage amount, frequency of dosage including timings, and when they received their last dosage.

We enjoy providing you and your pet’s with a professional grooming service, and in order for us to so we request the following from pet owners:

  • We would greatly appreciate if you made your Grooming appointment in advance so we can accommodate you at your preferred time.
  • We request that pet owners are on time for appointments, to ensure there are no delays to your pet’s grooming, unfortunately if we do not hear from you within 20 minutes from your booked appointment time, and have not been able to reach you by phone, we will therefore consider your pet’s grooming appointment cancelled.
  • If you need to cancel your appointment, kindly notify a member of staff as soon as possible.

We look forward to training your dog(s) and helping you achieve an ideal relationship and furthering the bond between pet and owner. In order for us to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your pet’s training we request you assist us with the following:

  • We would greatly appreciate if you make your Meet and Greet and/or Training appointment in advance so we can accommodate you at your preferred time.
  • We request that pet owners are on time for appointments, to ensure there are no delays to your pet’s Training, unfortunately if we do not hear from you within 20 minutes from your booked appointment time, and have not been able to reach you by phone, we will consider your appointment as cancelled.
  • If you need to cancel your appointment, kindly notify a member of staff as soon as possible.
  • In order for you to maximise the benefits of your pet’s training we request that you follow the information and training techniques that were taught and explained to you by our trainer during your sessions.

Please Note: We cannot accept responsibility for dogs who’s training is unsuccessful once outside our facility, however we are readily available to assist you and your pet with any difficulties you may experience and continue your pet’s training.

Ex-Pet-riate trained and experienced pet relocation specialists are happy to answer your questions, discuss your concerns and organise a customised itinerary that will include safe and comfortable travel for your pet. In order for our relocation agents to do this on your behalf we will need the following:

Health & Welfare:
  • During your inquiry kindly ensure that all your pet’s exact details including; breed, vaccination history, weight, temperament and medical history are disclosed to our pet relocation specialist in order to ensure the appropriate travel arrangements can be organised.

Please Note: Certain information if not disclosed to your pet relocation specialist during initial stages of inquiry may cause changes to the cost of your pet’s relocation.

IATA Regulations:
  • In order for us to ensure we meet International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations we will need the exact measurement of your pet including their Height, Length and Width (Please see How to Measure Your Pet), as Airlines have strict specifications on the size of each pet’s travel crate in relation to your pet’s dimensions and breed.
  • IATA regulations also specify the types of crate brands that are suitable for travel. To ensure you do not incur additional crate related costs, kindly consult with our pet relocation specialist before purchasing a crate or alternatively allow our specialists to handle this on your behalf.
  • For pet owners travelling on the same date and time as their pet, we require for your pet to board with us at Saar Kennels for a minimum of 2 working days (dependent on destination) prior to their travel, so that our relocation specialist has full access to your pet for necessary pre-travel arrangements.
  • For pet owners travelling before their pet(s), we require that you organise for your pet to board with us at Saar Kennels until their flight.

Please Note: If your pet(s) are boarding at another facility you will need to organise for them to be boarded at Saar Kennels, which ensures our relocation specialists have access to your pet for the necessary pre-travel arrangements.

  • We require that boarding fees are paid at the time of your pet’s Check-In with us at Saar Kennels.
  • In order for us to make the necessary travel bookings for your pet, we require the full payment of your pet’s relocation quotation no less than 7 working days prior to your pet’s departure date.

Please Note: For some destinations full payment will be required 1 month or more in advance prior to your pet’s departure date.

  • A full refund can only be issued when cancelations occur before relocation services have been booked and paid for, otherwise only partial refund will be possible.
Privacy Policy:
  • All client information submitted to Saar Kennels w.l.l. is used to understand and to help us fulfil a client’s pet relocation needs. Accordingly information detailed to Saar Kennels w.l.l. is passed to third parties when necessary to obtain relocation bookings, otherwise all client information is considered confidential.

We are glad to be able to provide fellow pet owners with a reliable and convenient service of delivering premium quality Pet Foods and Products right to your doorstep.

In order for us to provide you with this service we ask the following of you:

Orders & Payment
  • Orders can be made online via our Online Pet Store on our website or by a phone call to our Saar Kennels staff.
  • Payment options include paying online using your credit card or payment of cash/card on delivery.

Please Note: We accept all major credit cards except American Express.

Home Delivery
  • For orders that are made before 12:00 (noon) home delivery can occur the same day if possible, however for all orders after 12:00 (noon) home delivery will occur the next working day.
Returns & Refunds
  • Our Unleashed Pet Store exists to enrich the lives of owners and their pets. That is why we make sure you have access to a diverse range of the best quality products sourced from all around the world.

Local Orders: If the product you have purchased from us does not conform to the specifications or description given at the time of purchase you can return that product within 7 days of purchase  and we will happily refund the original purchase price of that product provided the product and packaging is in its original condition and is still sealed .

 International Orders: If the product you have purchased from us does not conform to the specifications or description given at the time of purchase you can return that product to us within 30 days of purchase  and we will happily refund the original purchase price of that product provided the product and packaging is in its original condition and is still sealed (please note that shipping costs are not refundable).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Our Boarding service is for customers who would like their pets to stay overnight with us either for short or long stays while the owners are away. Our Services page details our all inclusive boarding programme however the below frequently asked questions also provide insight about our Boarding. If you have any additional questions or concerns kindly contact us.

We understand that you may be busy, however in order to accommodate your pet, it is important that you book with at least 24 hour notice Saturday to Thursday. During high peak seasons (December to January, April, and June to September) kindly book at least 2 months in advance.  In the event of an emergency booking, please contact a member of staff and we will do our best to accommodate your pet(s).

As vaccinations take time to build in your pet’s system, we do not accept pets unless they have been vaccinated at least 2 weeks before boarding, so that your pet will have enough immunity in their system to keep them safe and well during their stay. It is always in the best interest of your pet’s health to have their vaccinations up to date.

We advise you check with your veterinarian if your pet’s booster vaccinations can be done before their due date. Unfortunately we cannot accept pet’s for Boarding who’s vaccinations will expire during their stay, for both your pet and our other guests safety.


Although here at Saar Kennels we take preventive measures to make sure our premises is free of ticks & fleas,  they often hitch a ride on your pet’s fur, therefore we insist that all owners use products that kill Ticks & Fleas and that they comb through their pet’s fur before checking them in at the kennel. Although we do inspect pets during their check in and daily while they board with us, it is important that pet owners check and treat their pets for all external parasites before entering kennel premises.


We insist that you de worm your pets before they come to stay with us, as we will not be able to do this during their stay. For the health and safety of our Guests we advise you have your pet’s deworming done no less than 7 days and no more than 6 months before their Boarding.

For your pet’s safety we do not board female pet’s that are in season. The best way to ensure your pet’s safety is to have her spayed, or to check with your veterinarian to make sure your pet is not in season before she comes to board with us.

As pet owners ourselves we know how much we miss our pets when they are away from home,  however for the psychological welfare of your pet we usually do not recommend this, as pets experience anxiety and confusion once they realise they will not be coming home with you.

We strongly advise you do. Any telephone numbers that we will be able to reach you on before during and after your travel is necessary as in the unlikely event of an emergency we will be able to contact you.

Our 24 hour staff will know if your pet is not feeling well and if we believe your pet is in discomfort we will attempt to contact you by phone. However if we are not able to get in contact with you immediately, and believe it is a medical emergency, we will not wait and allow your pet to be distressed and will seek immediate medical attention. A member of our staff will transport and accompany your pet to a trusted veterinarian and obtain whatever medication/treatment the veterinarian advises is immediately necessary and handle all costs on your behalf, which owners agree to refund us for during  the pet’s check out.

Absolutely you are welcome to bring their favorite blanket or toy, so they may enjoy the familiar scent of home while staying with us.  We recommend you do not bring more than 2 items, and that you write (in permanent marker) your pets name on each of the items you bring, to help us organised for your pet’s belongings to accompany them when they check out. However bringing your pet’s belongings is not required as we do provide fresh and comfortable bedding which we cater to each pet’s health and relaxation needs, as well as stimulating toys for their enjoyment during indoor and outdoor play.

Not at all, if your pet requires a specific type of food we suggest you bring it with you in enough quantity to last the duration of your pet’s stay. If your pet also requires specific feeding amounts kindly inform us during check in and our experienced staff will gladly weigh/measure out your pet’s meals. As for oral medication, our experienced staff will be able to administer it, kindly organise to provide us with the medicine name, dosage and dosage frequency details, as well as when their last dosage was taken, as well as enough medicine for the duration of your pet’s stay.

Unfortunately during high peak seasons of December to January, April and during the months of June to September, we will most probably not be able to make any extensions to your pet’s stay as we are fully booked. However in certain circumstances we may be able to accommodate you pet, to check if this is possible, please give us a call and speak to one of our administration staff as soon as you can.

We understand that sometimes plans change, however we really appreciate when you give us a quick call or email to let us know your booking is no longer needed. In the event of high peak seasons like the ones mentioned above we require a minimum of 2 weeks (14 days) notice, otherwise we will be unable to refund your deposit.

Absolutely, we do not discriminate against any pets,  so long as they are able to get up, walk and eat without discomfort we are happy to have them holiday with us and we will tailor our care to make their stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Not at all, If your pet(s) have never been in a kennel setting before, then we encourage you to bring them for a few Day-Care sessions beforehand so your pet(s) may discover this new environment whilst you’re in the country. We have found that these short daytime stays (day time boarding also know as play dates) are the most effective way to introduce pets to new social surroundings slowly before they board overnight.

Having your pet(s) stay in a kennel setting is an ideal way to socialise your pet(s). Over the years we have found that nervous and shy dogs come out of their shell just by being in a new environment especially one with many other dogs. As for socialisation having your dog(s) board with us is an excellent way to ensure they socialise with other dogs just by being able to smell and see other animals we find that many of our first timers who are often shy and unsocialised make many friends.

Our staff are trained professionals who understand animal behaviour, and because of that in many instances have turned frightened nervous pets to trusting happy Guests. Over the years we  have found that by the end of an initially nervous pet’s stay they blossom into happy relaxed pets that are comfortably being groomed and enjoying playtime with our staff.  Throughout the duration of your pet’s stay we also monitor their behaviour, and during check out will be able to honestly advise you if there are any particular behaviours we believe require special training for.

We understand that pets can be fearful of new environments and people, however most pets settle in quite quickly before night time, that is why we strongly recommend pet owners Check-In their pets before 3 pm, that way pets have plenty of time to explore, play, have lunch and settle down before bedtime. However we have a zero tolerance policy for aggressive pets as our main concern is safety, both for our staff and for our other guests, so in this case we would contact you to pick up your pet. To avoid this we always recommend our Day-Care where your pet’s join us for the day to get to know our environment and staff and where we can safely assess their behaviour while you are in the country.


Our DayCare is one of our most popular services, giving pets a chance to play and socialise in a safe and secure environment until their owners are ready to pick them up. These are the most frequently asked questions about our DayCare facility. If you have any additional questions or concerns kindly contact us.

Another way of thinking of Day-Care is as play days or day boarding, where pets are dropped off in the morning and picked up before 5 pm. As I’m sure the name “Day-Care” gives it away, your pets(s) get to spend their day enjoying fun supervised outdoor activities and exercising in our safe double gated play areas instead of spending the day sitting home alone. We provide an ample amount of supervised outdoor play time and likewise a necessary amount of indoor rest and relaxation time. We also offer different packages depending on what level of activity your pet(s) would enjoy.

Many pet owners are busy during the day running errands or working which means pets are home alone for several hours or for most of the day. Many pets become stressed and aggravated when left alone for long periods which they usually show by chewing the furniture or misbehaving in any way they can. We highly recommend bringing your pets for DayCare at Saar Kennels where they will benefit from regular outdoor playtime in our secure play areas while being supervised by staff and have the chance to interact and socialise with other pets and our animal loving staff. It is most certainly a win win situation, when pet’s Check-Out after DayCare they will have expelled most of their energy during their stay with us and are usually ready for bedtime.

To find out our customer reviews have a look at What our Customers say.

During DayCare we do not provide pets with meals, we find it best that your pet has their breakfast at home at their normal time and has dinner once they return home after DayCare. If your pet requires a mid day or early afternoon meal we suggest you provide us a portion of their normal food, and we would be happy to provide them with it at their normal mealtime. If your pet has specific dietary or medical needs kindly inform a member of staff when making your booking so we may discuss how to accommodate your pet.

Unfortunately we do not provide this service at this time, however if there is great demand for it, it may be something we pursue in the future. If this is a service you would like to see us include please contact a member of staff and let them know, we are always happy to hear feedback.


As grooming is a normal part of a pet’s routine we have highlighted some of the most frequently asked questions to help new and seasoned pet owners get to know what we provide. If you have any additional questions or concerns about your pet’s grooming kindly contact us.

This is a matter of opinion, some experts advise against it as a pet’s fur naturally helps them keep cool and warm up, while others say trimming a pets coat is a good idea during the hot season. So in the end it is up to you as the pet’s owner to decide. However if you are unsure, we do suggest to at least make an appointment with us for a regular Grooming session where we remove your pets dead fur, which will decrease their shedding and help them cope with the changing seasons.

For pets white or light colored fur, the experts do not recommend shaving the coat very short during summertime as this will allow their sensitive pink skin to be susceptible to sunburn.

For more information, please contact us and we will happily address any questions or concerns you may have.


Our skilled groomer is able to offer a range of stylised cuts whether breed specific or for added cuteness. We recommend if you have a certain style that you and your pet prefer, that you bring along a picture that will help us understand what style you are looking for, or alternatively specify the exact length you would like your pet’s coat to be. Example: 2 inches long on the body and 3 inches long on the face and tail.

We do recommend you begin getting your pet used to being groomed starting at an early age, the scariest aspect of grooming for a pet is the new sounds of say the hairdryer and the feel of having their nails clipped. Our staff however are used to pets that are new to grooming, and have a quiet and gentle approach to introducing pets to being groomed. By regularly bringing your pet’s in for grooming, we recommend on a monthly basis, they are more likely to feel comfortable and will eventually enjoy the experience. Our staff will take their time to introduce your pet to the feel of being brushed, washed, blow dried and cleaned so that on your pet’s next visit they will look forward to having another positive and enjoyable experience with us.


We know your pet loves being with you, however we encourage you to allow us time to bond with your pet alone, this is how we gain your pet’s trust and make their Grooming appointments as relaxing as possible. If your pet is having a quick spa treatment, we welcome you to wait in our indoor or outdoor waiting area where you can watch your pets being Groomed while enjoying a nice refreshing beverage.

Depending on a few factors such as your pet’s breed, coat type and length our groomer will advise you of how often is best for your particular pet to be groomed. Sometimes grooming appointment every other week is necessary to keep your pet’s coat soft and manageable, instead of waiting for matting to form which often make it uncomfortable and painful for pets.


As you all know training is an important part of his development. Our FAQ section should be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your dog’s training. If you have any additional questions or concerns kindly contact us.

We don’t believe that any animal is ever too old to be trained. Yes it may take a little more time for your pet to adapt to this new way of life, but from experience both as pet owners and as kennel personnel, old dogs can and do learn new tricks if you have the patience to be consistent with their training.

Not at all, so long as your puppy  is old enough to walk it is time you start the basics of training and bonding with your pet. For beginner level obedience training we recommend your pup is 3 months or older as they will have a better attention span and mental capacity to begin to understand the training. By beginning training at an early age is an excellent way to start encouraging your pet with the do’s and don’ts of your household. However the same as with children a 1 year old child will not be able to focus and concentrate for the duration of time that say a 5 year old child could, similarly puppies will only be able to do short bursts of training with lots of play and positive reinforcement, but when doing this consistently you’ll be on the road to having a wonderfully behaved dog.

Size is not a problem, any type of dog is trainable whether it’s a tiny toy breed or a great big great dane, because we believe all pets need to have guidelines of what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Our trainers have worked all over the world with many types of animals and are able to train all types of pets, regardless of their size or breed.

We strongly believe in positive reinforcement for good behaviors, and above all patience and understanding. We do not believe in using negative reinforcement, physical punishment or yelling to train a dog. Our trainers have years of experience working and training of various breeds and temperaments, and are qualified  animal behaviorists, so they will advise you on the tips and tricks of positive reinforcement, and explain why harsh negative reinforcement is not the correct way to go about training your dog.

If your training session is going to be at a time soon after your pet’s mealtime then we suggest postponing their meal until after training, however if you have an hour or two between mealtime and your session it is alright to feed your pet a light meal. That way your dog will be less likely to be lethargic and instead will be alert and motivated to focus during his training.

At home your doggie is trying to test his boundaries, much like a teenager who wants to rebel. As per animal psychology pets frequently ‘try their luck’ and misbehave, this is normal as your pet is experiencing change in his or her routine and is getting use to the new rules of the house. We strongly recommend that owners be patient, firm and stand their ground when faced with a testing pet, and then offer positive enforcement for good behaviours as our trainer showed you during your session together. Just remember that consistency is the key pets are creatures of habit and once you are consistent with your rules and they know you will not give up, life will become more relaxed and happier for your both.

Pet Relocation

We hope our Frequently Asked Questions can shed some light on what to expect during your pet’s relocation, and if you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact our pet relocation specialists.

You absolutely do not have to, everyone is capable of handling their pet’s relocation all on their own, however it requires a great deal of time effort and know how. That is why many people allow a pet relocation company to handle everything on their behalf.

Our pet relocation specialists provide a complete Door to Door travel experience where our mission is to alleviate the pet travel stress from your to-do list. We take the time to get to know your travel requirements and your pet’s needs, and devote our efforts to finding the most pet friendly routes on the most dependably pet friendly airlines. We meticulously handle everything from travel crate preparation to IATA standards all the way to delivering your pet to their new home at destination. The added bonus is that our pet relocation specialists years of experience mean we provide you with answers to any questions or concerns you may have about your pet’s travel as well as keep you updated throughout the relocation until your pet is safely home.

This is probably the most regularly asked question we answer, which we understand and are happy to explain.

Your pet’s safety is dependent on several factors, which is why leaving pet relocation to our specialists is a good start. Ex-Pet-riate pet relocation specialists work with reputable and trustworthy agents around the world who are certified fellow IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transport Association) members and who share our main concern which is pet safety. We work together to book your pet on the most live animal friendly airlines and routes and we adhere to IPATA  and IATA (International Air Transport Association) regulations to minimise the risks associated with pet travel.

Our specialists coordinate with agents at your pets destination and keep track of your their journey throughout, while keeping you informed as to their well being.

We are members of the International Pet and Animal Transport Association (IPATA), and also work closely with several reputable vets on the island who strongly recommend against having pets sedated or tranquilised during a flight, in fact some airlines refuse to transport pets that appear sedated.

We understand that pets can be stressed when travelling, that is why we recommend that owners take time to crate train their pets at least a month before travel. Many pets travel without being sedated, however if you have a pet with an extremely anxious temperament, please inform our pet relocation agent who will be able to discuss with you other veterinary approved options. Never administer any mild sedatives to your pet before travel without advising our Saar Kennels Ex-Pet-riate pet relocation agent.

Need more details? See our how to Crate Train your pet article or for more articles see our Pet News page.

There are many risks associated with pet travel, however our pet relocation specialists do everything we can to make your pet’s journey as safe as possible. It is best to speak with our pet relocation specialists before planning your pet’s travel itinerary.

Pets are normally exposed to the weather for brief periods on the tarmac while being loaded and unloaded from the airplane, and due to Bahrain’s excessively hot temperatures during the months of June to September we strongly recommend pet owners aim to relocate their pets before or after the summer season. However, sometimes this cannot be helped in which case one of our Ex-Pet-riate relocation specialists who have access to many flights will aim to schedule your pet’s flight for either the early hours of the morning or after sunset during the cooler times of the day. We also provide bowls with water and other accessories on your pet’s travel crate that allow for additional water to be given to your pet ensuring pets remain hydrated during their journey.

Pets with flat or snubbed noses, such as Pug, Bulldog and Shihtzu breed dogs and Burmese or Persian breed cats, are classified as brachycephalic breeds, which pose a higher risk during transport. These breeds have compromised respiratory systems and cannot breathe as efficiently as non-snub nosed breeds, and as pets regulate their body temperature by panting snub nosed breeds are more inclined to overheat in hot weather.  More information on this condition can be found here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brachycephalic_syndrome .

Our pet relocation specialist will let you know if your pet is considered a snub nosed breed and requires special preparations for their travel. For more information speak to one of our specialists to discuss travel options and ways to prepare your pets for their travel.

For more information on finding the right crate for your pet have a look at our How to measure your pet for their travel crate article.

There are many destinations where you can easily take your pet with you, however there are many aspects of your pet’s travel you have to consider, especially if travelling to countries with strict import restrictions like Australia, South Africa and Singapore. Sometimes preparatory veterinary work and time frames may prove impractical for a short vacation, as pets may be quarantined on arrival or upon their return home. Larger pets may also be unable to travel to remote destinations that are accessed only by small air crafts. Stress is also a major factor with pet travel, which is why in many cases the kindest option is to leave your pet behind while you vacation. Saar Kennels is a pet hotel and spa and is able to provide your pet with a safe, comfortable and friendly place to stay while you are away on vacation.

For more information please speak with one of our pet relocation specialists to discuss your options.

Airlines and IATA have strict regulations of which types and structure of crates are allowed for travel, so in order for us to confirm that your pet’s crate is suitable we will need some information first. We will need you to provide us with the crate’s brand and its dimensions including Height, Width, and Length, as well of the Height, Width and Length of your pet so we can make sure your pet’s crate is comfortable and acceptable for their journey.

To find out how to measure your pet please see our How to Measure your pet article.

If in doubt we welcome you to bring your pet and their crate to Saar Kennels to meet with our pet relocation specialist who will be able to check the above for you.

Whenever possible, we ship pets on direct (non-stop) flights. If a change of plane is necessary, we chose a route that minimises travel time with stop overs at pet friendly airports that provide the maximum safety and comfort for your pet. However where long stop overs are required, we can provide comfort stops at airports with facilities that feed walk and care for your pet while they await their next flight.

If your pet requires medication, or has any other specific requirements please let our pet relocation specialists know so a preferred comfort stop can be booked into your pet’s itinerary.

Depending on your pet’s destination it is possible to include your pet’s favorite blanket with them in their crate, however we strongly recommend that you do not include any other personal belongings in or attached to your pet’s crate, especially not items of value as they can become damaged during travel or confiscated by customs. Please be advised that all types of toys and chew bones are not allowed to accompany your pet as they can be hazardous to your pet during turbulence.

Unfortunately Bahrain does not allow pets to be shipped with food (extra meals), for short journeys this will not be a problem for your pet. However for long travel times our pet relocation specialists will route your pets journey to airport with comfort services which include feeding while your pet awaits their next flight.

Certain destinations and airlines have restrictions on the type of material and bedding that is being shipped with your pet, it is important to check with your relocation specialist who will be able to advise if these restrictions are applicable.

Part of what we do when we prepare your pet’s crate for travel is include a funnel and water bowl to allow caretakers throughout their journey to top up their water when necessary. So your pet should arrive thirsty but not dehydrated, however during direct travel (without stopovers) pets will not be fed during their journey for their safety and comfort during travel. For long journeys our relocation specialist will route your pet’s transit through a live animal friendly airport that has pet facilities where possible, in many cases your pet will be let out of their crate walked fed and given water and kept in a pet safe facility until their next flight.

It is best that pet’s do not have food during their journey as they may need to use the toilet during their travel and may result in a smelly mess, however if your pet has specific medical needs it is best to communicate this to our pet relocation specialist as soon as possible so we may make the appropriate arrangements for your pet’s journey.


Depending on which airport your pet arrives at, clearing live animals can take anywhere from 2 hours on a normal day to 8 hours on a very busy day. This is because in busy international airports there will be thousands of animals including horses, cattle, zoo animals and pets arriving all needing to be checked, assessed and cleared. So because there is no way of us to predict how long it will take to clear your pet at their destination we always recommend allowing a relocation agent at your destination to transport your pet to your new home so you are not left waiting for hours. Our pet relocation specialist will be able to organise this on your behalf, and keep you updated as to your pet’s safe arrival.