Welcome to the new Saar Kennels


We are glad  to announce that after much anticipation we have successfully moved to our new facility.


As of Saturday the 21st  of May, Saar Kennels Pet Hotel & Spa has been operating from the following address: Building 164, Road 2905,
Block 529, Al Markh ( just a 70 meters from our old location).

We greatly appreciate all the support and enthusiasm our customers have given us, as we begin our modernisation and improvement of the standard of pet care on the island. Our new facility will allow us to provide the safest, most hygienic and secure pet hotel around, and will enable us to continue providing our loyal customers and our new ones with a reliable place for pet’s to holiday at.

What to expect:
  • A hygienic and professional facility offering the same standards available at kennels and catteries in the United Kingdom, with the same friendly and dedicated staff.
  • Fire alarms and fire safety systems in all areas and rooms including pet rooms.
  • 24 hour CCTV in all areas including inside and outside pet runs/rooms with remote access.
  • Power failure safety feature, with the ability to run the entire facility in case of sudden power cut.
  • High powered disinfection of all indoor and outdoor areas using ParvoVirucide disinfectant which protects against: Parvovirus, Distemper, Rabies, Influenza, Kennel Cough, Panleukopaenia and Salmonella.
  • Special types of soft and calming music piped into all pet rooms to aid in their relaxation and comfort.
  • Canidae USA pet food (ranked as 5 star pet food by independent agencies) formulas with both dry and wet options for both cats and dogs.
  • A state of the art grooming facility, fully equipped with the latest grooming equipment.
  • Specialised washer and dryers for disinfection of pet bedding.
  • Selection of comfortable and luxurious room types available for your pets.
  • Spacious outdoor shaded and double gated runs for dogs, with multiple double gated outdoor play areas for cats.
  • Expansion of our Pet Store & Online Shop including new products for cats & dogs.

As you can see from the map below our new premises is just down the road from our previous location. Our Contact Us page on our website also includes a Google Map location of our new premises, and our new facility is clearly signed with shaded parking available.


 We look forward to seeing you and your pets soon at our new Pet Hotel & Spa.

The Saar Kennels Team